2017 China Plastics Fair Yuyao, Zhejiang Province opened

In recent years, "plastic", a small industry, staged a revolution in upgrading and transformation, bidding farewell to the brutal growth of "low and small spirits," and welcomed the coming of the revolution from plastic bags and vanities to common plastics for automobiles and electrical appliances and household appliances. A new era of development. November 8, 2017 China (Yuyao) International Plastic Exposition & the 19th China Plastic Exposition opened in Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province. The world's leading new products and new technologies in the plastic-related industry brought together the signal of the in-depth transformation of the plastics industry.

    At the China Plastic Expo site, the reporter noticed that the plastic incarnation, as a variety of products, showed the people the "plasticity" of the body - a seemingly ordinary piece of plastic that did not hurt with 10 seconds on the fire. The square The plastic shell looks very thin, forced to fall to the ground but not broken ...

    In Yuyao, for example, in Yuyao, the nation's famous "plastic kingdom," it owns the largest plastic specialty market in China, China Plastics City. Through decades of development, the plastics industry in Yuyao has moved from a once-quiet "small" market Has grown billions of "big" businesses.

    According to Li Guanding, Vice Mayor of Ningbo, Yuyao Plastic Industry has become a powerful engine driving the overall development of the plastic-related industry in Ningbo and the whole country and has become a powerful factor contributing to the construction of the "Made in China 2025" pilot demonstration city in Ningbo. "Innovation and change are The theme of the development of the times is also the key to the transformation of the plastic-related industries. "He expressed the hope that Yuyao would inject innovation opportunities into the development of the region by taking the opportunity of reporting on the Plastic Expo so that the spirit of change will lead the industrial restructuring.

    Undoubtedly, China Plastics Expo is a bright business card that Yuyao is proud of. It has taken up a big industry, brought rich people, dressed up a city, and after years of precipitation, baptism, sharpening and innovation, Has become the country's plastics and related industries in the largest and most high-profile economic and trade event. Xi Ming, secretary of Yuyao Municipal Committee, said that an influential exhibition must be an exhibition closely following the pace of the times, complying with the demands of the industry and full of economic and trade results.

    For this reason, in recent years, Yuyao took the initiative to integrate the Internet and smart manufacturing into a strong manufacturing industry. In 2016, the settlement of "Yi-Yi Payment" platform exceeded RMB 120 billion and the first industrial O2O center in Zhejiang Province (Yuyao) China HC Appliances City is about to be fully completed business.
     It is reported that this year's exhibition set an exhibition area of 42,000 square meters, 2,000 booths, a total of plastic raw materials exhibition area, plastic machine tool exhibition area, plastic machinery exhibition area 3 major exhibition areas, arranged two major activities and two supporting activities.

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