PC lamp shade what is the difference between the level of light

PC shade is the main role in order to better gather light, the light is more focused and softer, to avoid direct glare LED lights. LED industry PC shade can be made of many materials, relative density in many materials is slightly higher, with higher specific strength, even higher than the special alloy aluminum, with good insulation, shockproof, heat insulation , Noise performance.

    With the development of the LED industry, the conventional PC lampshades are relatively easy to find on the market, and the regular product competition is also large. However, there are many customers who need to customize lampshades with different shapes and sizes, and custom lampshades Most customer customers will request the lampshade light transmittance. To solve this problem, the light transmittance has a certain relationship with the concentration of PC lampshades, According to the requirements of customers can debug the appropriate light transmittance.

    For the light transmittance is too high or too low, there will be some problems that can see the light beads, generally have this problem, it should be light transmittance is not good, so generally in the custom pc lampshade, it is best to light Send to the manufacturer of the lampshade, let them carry on the test, so as to guarantee the light transmittance problem.

   Different lampshade products, whether it is all plastic lampshade or aluminum plastic lampshade shades and other components, produced by different materials, the light transmittance of the lampshades are different, the difference is very different, so re-purchase PC shade time to understand the material, structure, high temperature and low temperature requirements in the purchase of products. Custom lampshade to the corresponding requirements are clear with the manufacturer, so that both parties can better meet the production of qualified PC lampshade.