A few small ways to judge the quality of acrylic lampshade

Acrylic lampshade is made of acrylic as the main raw material shade, highlight the optical transparency, good weather resistance, mechanical strength, electrical properties and chemical resistance, hardness 85-105HRM, excellent insulation properties.
     Acrylic (PMMA) shade how to judge the quality of it, then you can identify the quality of the acrylic shade from these points.
    1. Feel: high-quality acrylic material sleek, smooth, and without sweat, fingerprint printing.
    2. Thickness: Thickness is the rigid standard of acrylic load-bearing range, 8 ~ 12 cm is the common thickness.
    3. Evenness: whether the color is uniform is also one of the criteria to judge the quality of acrylic or not.
    4. Hardware: Good quality and beautiful appearance of the hardware is essential for the transparent furniture. Poor quality hardware easily lead to difficult, rusty, inflexible problems during prolonged use.

   With a new type of polyester material, the thermoformed or flat trim, built-in metal bottom light source, very visual impact. Weatherability: Panel coated with high concentrations of UV absorbers, metal base spray imported car paint, can protect long-lasting weather, never fade, the useful life of up to 5 to 8 years.
    Durability: The product has a good protection of the built-in light source, extending the life of light source products.
    Rationality: Reasonable design, rain and moisture-proof; Open structure, easy maintenance.
    Impact resistance: 200 times that of glass products, with little risk of fracture.
    Translucent: up to 93%, excellent light transmission, soft light, bright and dazzling.
    Flame-retardant: non-spontaneous and self-extinguishing.
    Aesthetics: beautifully crafted, full-fledged mirror effect, no crease base, no seams, all riveted parts are not exposed.
    Energy-saving: good light transmission, a corresponding reduction of light source products, energy saving, lower operating costs.